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Meet Mary

Hey, I am Mary -- a young adult with an engineering degree. Born on the 9th of August.

Blogging has been my hobby for more than 8 years now. Pixie Chronicle serves as my personal blog where I share my thoughts about books, technology, and way of living.

I also blog about fashion and lifestyle at my fashion blog. It keeps me sane in a world where fast fashion beats sustainable living.

If you want to hire or collaborate with me, you may reach me through my contact page.

See disclosure policy.


I am a movie and TV series enthusiast. My brother and I bond over watching TV series and movies most of the time. I also watch Korean dramas and anime. Here are my top picks:


Meet the Robinsons | The Man from U.N.C.L.E | Kingsman: The Secret Sevice

TV Series

Bones | House M.D. | The Walking Dead | Queen Seondeok

Now Watching: Criminal Minds, Black Mirror


Books are awesome and you'll learn a lot from just one. I have started embracing non-fictions but fictions are always my escape from reality. The list of my love for this section is long but I am a Potterhead by heart. Free cheers for books!

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