Spanish Learning Course: Duolingo and Tinycards

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While waiting for my big break, I decided to do something productive. I am trying to learn Spanish!

If you have been following me on my twitter, I usually post about different hobbies and activities that keeps me busy while waiting for 2017 to end. They are mostly random, and sometimes, creative--like me creating friendship bracelet slash keychain and keeping a bullet journal. However, the most underrated thing in my social media is my quest to learning Spanish.

Learning Spanish

Becoming bilingual is not easy. Wait... it's not the right term. This will be my third language apart from Tagalog (Philippine language) and English. Trilingual? Is that even a term. *laughs*

Learning another language is tricky.

It's not easy. I'll rather use the term challenging.

But it's definitely fun.

I sometimes speak Spanish words out loud when I'm talking to other people inside the house. Or when I am doing Spanish activities (which I do religiously).

I am far from being fluent but I am working on it with a little help from different Spanish learning resources.

Yo habla un poco espanol. I can speak a little Spanish.

More of Spanish Learning

There are two applications I find very helpful right now.

  • Duolingo

This mobile language application is an easy and fun way to learn different language. I first used this in hope to learn Japanese, but it was not yet available in their system yet. And so, I decided to learn Spanish through Duolingo instead.

I use this almost everyday. You earn points and gain experience when you finish certain tasks. They slice the learning process through different lessons, and you need to finish certain lessons first before you can move on to the next ones. What I like about it is that you get to choose the level of how you want to practice everyday. Finishing one lesson a day feels like so much accomplishment already. The psych of it!

You can also join clubs and compete rankings with other user. Cheers for competitive people out there. 

  • Tinycards

I found this app through recommended apps for those using Duolingo. It's like an app you can consecutively use for your Duolingo app to recall certain vocabularies. This works like self-study flashcards you use to check whether you have memorized certain list or definitions when you were in school.

I think, my journey towards learning Spanish is progress. After all, getting progress is better than getting perfect. (I just heard that a lot from watching Marie Forleo).

Have you used Duolingo and Tinycards? Share us your experience.

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