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A few months ago, I have decided to do something new. I tried to learn a new language--Spanish.

Why this language you say? I just thought that learning this would be easier than other languages because some of the words used in the Tagalog language were derived from Spanish.

However, teaching yourself something you have no knowledge about is not easy. But if you have resources to help you, then it can serve as a guideline to help you learn Spanish.

My plan months ago to learn the language did not have a lot of progress until last month when I started gaining a lot of free time. Today, I am trying to increase my vocabulary and hopefully someday, become fluent in Spanish.

For starters, here are some good resources to help you learn Spanish language:


Duolingo is a mobile language application which introduces language learning in a fun and exciting way. Play while learning Spanish by translating words, and multiple choice statements. Learning is divided in bite size lessons and you earn prize or lose life through the process.


The process is pretty simple and easy to understand. This is a great tool to learn new vocabulary and some Spanish basics however, it can be challenging to learn grammar through this platform. You can download this mobile app for Android, iOS phone, and Windows phone.

Butterfly Spanish

Learn the basic of Spanish language and a whole lot more for free from Ana, a.k.a. the Butterfly Spanish of Youtube. Watching her videos as she teaches Spanish really feels like you are a student in a classroom with her as your teacher.


She teaches Spanish in a way so practical that it's easier to understand. I have some questions from Duolingo regarding grammar which were answered when I watched Butterfly Spanish lessons. I highly recommend you watch her video for introductory lessons in Spanish language.

The Mixxer

Another good way to learn Spanish is by finding a language partner who you can converse with and talk in the language you are learning. The Mixxer is a non-profit website hosted by Dickinson College to help students find a native language speaker of their study. The users from this site are varied so I guess someone can find a language partner of different kinds through this platform.


I am still on the process of learning Spanish with two companions I met from the site who wanted to enhance their English language in exchange. We haven't started out yet, but I know it will be a good foundation for my education.

My Spanish is beyond good yet but it is getting better. I think practice will be my key if I continue with this. I hope these sites will help you just like they are helping me.

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