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Listening to music is one of my favorite things next to reading when I want to calm my senses. When I wake up, I would try to discover new songs and beat to cool tunes. Or when I’m feeling down, I have my “Fight Songs” playlist already in hand to cheer me up. I dance to “Midnight Fun” playlist or when I just want to chill, I have my “Senti” songlist playing already.

Boombox Music

In my quest to music discovery, I find Youtube and Spotify as good venue. I mostly depend on Youtube though in discovering local and international indie singers. I find their song renditions amazing and let’s face it, these are hidden gems yet to be discovered by the whole world. And I think they are more precious discoveries.

Discover Singers

My current favorite is Renee Dominique. She is a Filipino music artist who plays with her guitar or ukulele while singing on her videos. Her voice is angelic and I’m sure you’ll be amazed with her talent as well.

I love playing her ukulele playlist because the tune is just so amazing and goes great with the instrument. Now my interest for ukulele just started. I was trying to search her renditions in Spotify but they are not present.

Fret not though, I found the best way to listen with music offline.

Media Offline

Wondershare Video Converter is amazing software that lets you convert media files into different types. It would be a wonderful tool if I have discovered it during my study when we had to do a lot of videos and editing for projects with specific file type for submission (e.g. AVI only or MP4 only).

One function I love about this application is that you can download videos directly from URL. It’s very easy to download Youtube videos through this app and what more, convert them to MP3 file like what I did for Renee’s videos. Learn how to converter MPEG to MP4.

Wondershare Video Converter MP3 downloads

It's a huge leap in managing media files. Many files can't be played by standard music and video player. I remember having to convert videos before I can play them in my phone. Android is more resilient now though but knowing that you have a trusty application you can always depend on. You may download Wondershare Video Converter Here.

If you love the song and the music artist, buy the album to support them. But if you're with me and you love listening to music from these soulful artist, then having their music offline and play them wherever and whenever can make all the difference.

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