2017 with a New Perspective

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When people welcome the New Year, a list of resolutions file up in my feed. I will do this... I will do that... I will become a new person. But I started feeling that it's not really that. New Year's resolutions are just things to cheat ourselves to think that we will change.

Hey, that is one pessimistic line! I know, maybe I could be more optimistic. Maybe there is a better way to write this down.

Live the Dream

January marks the start of new beginnings. There's already a few things in my list that I am eyeing to do. That mostly includes soul searching and dream catching.

The Year to Travel

In a few months, I will be graduating in college. I can't wait. I am excited. I used to loath the moment because I will be separating ways with my circle of friends, but after redeeming myself before the year ended, I just stopped having bad thoughts about it. It's not that I stopped loving my friends, but I've come in terms with the facts that one way or another, we will be separating our ways in the future. Depressing thoughts alert my mind right now. I love you friends.

I am thinking that this time, I might be spending it more with my family or with some of my other friends. Ate Reg, my former dormmate is actually asking me to go backpacking with her on a beach or somewhere. I'm quite excited because we are planning to do this together with Ate Rose (another former dormmate). It feels like were some independent women.

Riverside Moutanside

I am not sure though that would happen any soon now. I have to focus on studies until I graduate this March 2017, review for board until July, and finally take the board by August. I have too much to do by then but I know one way or another I'll be able to squeeze some time for travel.

A Year to Love Myself Better

A few days before the year has ended, I've started to come in terms with my worth as a person. A person I love passed away and it was disheartening. It just triggered anxiety in me. Things just seemed to pile up one by one and I became so sensitive emotionally to the people close to me. Things they said, things they did. As much as I try not to admit it because I don't want people thinking I'm forcing myself to them, I'm hurt because I care for them. And feeling like they don't for me is really sad.

This year, I started embracing myself more. Spending time reading books, studying, and eating alone has made me feel more comfortable. I stopped procrastinating over it but sometimes, I can still find myself thinking about it.

This time, this year, I declare that this would be the year to start loving myself more. Distance myself from people and things who makes me feel anything less. This is the year to love myself better. And it's quite working. It's quite weird being able to make others happy but feel otherwise yourself.

A Year to Try Something New

I could proudly tell anyone that I am the kind to try something just for the sake of experience. But ofcourse, there's a limit from the bad stuffs that without a thought should never be tried. I am looking forward trying a new hobby or learning a unique skill.

I've started trying to learn Spanish using the Duolingo app and I've been watching, otherwise listening to Youtubers. I actually like Youtube a lot because I find it interesting seeing regular people sharing their life and videos. It's also a weird way for me to learn and practice my English. I might share my favorite Yotubers soon. They're totally awesome.

This year, I'm trying to make it everything about myself. I'm trying to practice self-care and instead of procrastinating over what others feel (because I care for them a lot), I will be focusing more on my feelings. 

What about you, how do you see 2017?

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