Road to Graduation

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This has been the craziest semester of my life. That is how I could sum the 1st semester of this school year (2016-2017). Crazy indeed but one of the best, memorable, and fun one. It centers mostly (really most of it) on academics, and friendship which I would never trade for something slacker that this.

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The Beginning: It was Chill

The semester ticked off with us chilling out. It was one of those relaxed moments when we had nothing to do but relax and find things to do.

The first few weeks was spent at Mark's house. He lives a few blocks away from the campus and we literally went there everyday. We watched movies, told stories, had fun, sung songs and many other random things that only our circle would find interesting--Joy, Erin, Win, Lyndel and Mark. Those were the happiest moments.

I can still remember a conversation from Mark and some of our friends. They can't believe that being a 5th year would be so--chill. The only thing which they found to be quite the work would be the baby thesis paper we have to write for our Air Pollution Fundamentals course.

A few more months passed by and we had to deal with problems within our circle. It was a clash of minds and heart and a mixture of both. There were revelations and things I never expected to know and hear, and realize, and happen.

We lay low for many weeks, and I can't help but miss our moments together. And then, there came our projects.

When you say Prelims, here are some of the most absurd and good things which happened.

  • I spent a whole week pulling an all-nighter. This was the longest preparation for a project I made myself do. For almost a week, I pulled an all-nighter just to work with my project which involves rewriting 400+ solved problems. (-_-)
  • I slept for only 30 minutes. Apart from my project above, I have to work with another one, which took the toll out of me. I had only 30 minutes of sleep the day we had to pass those projects. I was not alone. Our whole class were guessing which one of us slept and which one chilled the previous night. And guess like we all pulled a night shift.
  • I slept right after I passed my Prelim exam paper to my professor. When I woke up, there were a handful of students in the room. It was the first time I did that. I won;t be able to forget how I felt that time. I told myself this won't happen again--I mean, pulling all the nigh shifts just to finish my projects. But it happened again. But the sleeping-right-after-exam didn't. Thankfully!
  • I watched Nick Vujicic live! I don't really like spending so much on one-time events but this got me good, and I don't regret doing so. In fact, it's one of the highlights of this term. Moreover, I crossed one part of my bucketlist--attend an event in Araneta Center. It was my first time there and it was worth every dime. (My dormmate Ana was there too. Had different seats though.)

Midterms: It was the Start

Midterm was about the same time we had to went through a lot of internal problems within our circle. It was a real big challenge. Someone's been keeping some secrets but I guess that's part of the challenge.

For my midterm stories, here's a good list.
  • Had to go on a mountain trail for a college project. Literally! Not much of hiking but it was like that. We had to cross a small river and went up steep trails. But it was definitely exciting! O, the effort we had to put.
  • Another sleepless night. This time, I went through the experience with Joy. She stayed in our unit and we pulled an all-nighter to finish our Plumbing project for a 2-storey house. Had 1 hour of sleep.
  • We surprised Mark on his 21st birthday. Okay, so I never had fully planned a surprise party before with friends, but yes, we were able to pull this off. And I did a lot of things I would never do again (like bringing two bags of fully-loaded groceries for miles away). We spent the night on their apartment.
  • My friends surprised me on my 21st birthday. I was kind of expecting it, but at the same time, I was kind of surprised to have this one given the circumstances. We spent the night on Yellow Cab with baloons and pizzas, and whatmore, cakes and laughters. This was the first time I experienced being surprised like this so I can't be more thankful for them.

Finals: The Finale

A lot had happened and the finals approached. It was literally hell for us. Imagine spending days of overnights and another sleepless nights for projects and deadlines. We were blessed enough that most of these deadlines were extended a number of times.

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  • Spent three nights pulling overnights at Mark's house. Three straight days. The first day, we had to finish our Plumbing plan for a 7-storey building. The whole circle stayed at Mark's. The second, we had to finish our research paper for the Activated Charcoal we have been experimenting on. The third night, we did our best to  work and furnish our Plumbing project.
  • An unexpected overnight. We spent the third day celebrating for the sleepless night. Though we still had to work with the projects again because they were again extended. Right after having a dinner outside, we went back at Mark's to get our things, but lo and behold. I was too sleepy at the diner alone, that I took a nap the moment I stepped into their apartment. When I woke up, it was already past 12am and everybody, except Joy, was asleep on the living room.
  • We didn't review for our Final exam. It means what it says. Could sound not true, but it was. It was crazy to think we didn't review for our Finals but our time was too tight and with all the overnights, from Wednesday to Sunday, we were only able to review while walking from Mark's to the campus, and on similar occasion. We literally used our stocked knowledge! I feel so blessed some lessons were retained.
  • All our professors went berserk. It was a exaggerated word but yes, we made all our professors mad on us. Not that out group was directly involved, well, on one prof, Win was. Nadamay lang kami. Unfortunately.
  • I passed all my courses! I am so glad I passed all my subjects this semester. I won't admit it as much I'd like to because some of my friends failed in their other subjects. But I am really happy with the end result. I lost focus from the middle 'til the end of the game and I kind of regret that, but I am still proud with what I achieved. I received flat 1.00 in one of my courses which was quite an achievement for a 5th year engineering student. I did not made the cut as my GWA was 1.92 but I am still happy. Thank you Lord! All for your glory.
There were more to these stories than that but I am thinking of editing them later to include all details. Apparently, I still see my blog as my diary.

One thing I love about this semester is that, I am graduating this coming one. :) After all the challenges and struggles, I've finally come to this point. And know what?

I am a regular 5th year graduating engineering student this coming semester.

I know, what's there to cheer about being a regular? But hey, I transferred and I shifted course. All my units was a mess until today. This is my first time being a regular student in my college and what more, this happened on my last semester. I can't be any happier. :)

I know, there are more challenges ahead of me this coming semester but my mantra is solid, "I will graduate and march this March 2017".

I will graduate and march this March 2017.

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