How To Find The Best Local Golf Course

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If you want to take advantage of the great weather for some great golfing, then we’re way ahead of you! We’ll tell you how to find the best golf course for you, whether you want to warm up or play a full round.

1. Pro Shop and Clubhouse

When arrive to the golf course, the clubhouse is your first point of contact. This is central point for everything you’ll need during your visit, including picking up your golf cart, signing in to your tee time, and going to the locker rooms, pro shop, and restaurant.

The pro shop should have everything you need golf-wise, whether big or small. It should offer everything from the best golf clubs for different skill levels to last minute must-haves like ball markers and tees. Some shops even offer special services like golf club fittings and private lessons.

How To Find The Best Local Golf Course
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2. Quality of Golf Course and Surroundings

Different characteristics make a course unique and pleasant to play on, which might include ocean views, green hillsides, or wide open greens. Not only are these pleasant features, but they can also impact your game. Playing on a new course offers a unique theme while adding variety to each hole.
You’ll also want to have a look at the golf cart paths, as some are in better condition than others. Rough paths can be hard on your golf cart shocks, since you’ll not only be driving from hole to hole but also going in search of your ball.

3. Amenities

Most golf courses include a driving range, chipping area, and a putting green. These areas are best for warm ups and spending time working on swing repetitions. Some courses have the unique feature of guest cottages, which can make for a unique weekend golfing experience. Consider what you’re looking for when taking note of these features.

4. Price and Tee Time

Much of the time, the thing that determines which golf course you go with is the price and availability. There are multiple ways to book your tee time. Sites like GolfNow and TeeOff are good for researching the nearest golf courses. These two websites have a listing of tee times for golf courses the world over. They also provide discount rates at times. If you have a course in mind, just go to the course’s website to check it out, or call them up.

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