End of Semester Updates

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Summer has already started. In my case, it started last March 24. It should have started the day before it but I had to finish another one examination in one of my major subjects.

All of my subjects this semester turned out to be unexpected. I'm not sure what my grades would be, but I believe I would pass all of them.

So far, with my 2016 resolutions, they are going fine--I believe. Here are some teaser.

End of Semester Updates

Zero Waste is in progress

I had already expressed my interest in starting a sustainable lifestyle a lot of times in my blog. My zero waste efforts are still on the beginning stage yet I believe I am making the right progress.

I am having a hard time though to find some resources in my country for my zero waste endeavours. I am trying to find mesh bags and cotton bags around but I can't find it anywhere. I've been through different stores and home living shops but to no avail. I am considering shopping for them online from other countries but I might lose my willingness to find them locally if I do this.

For mason jars, I already started collecting glass bottles in my place. I've utilized Nescafe, and Lady's Choice containers. I think they're good alternatives.

I also bought a bamboo toothbrush. I found only one brand that sells them here in the country. Again, this bamboo toothbrush is made from locally available materials.

I am far from being a full-pledge zero waste advocate but I am going there.

I stopped buying new books

My efforts to read more books was a challenge because of our finals week was demanding, but I had already bought some stocks.

I decided to start buying second hand books. I was really enlightened with zero waste initiative and I realized that one way of promoting it was through buying second hands. I don't want to think that I am not supporting book authors by not buying new copy of their books but rather, it is within my perspective that I believe we should make full use of those books rather than stock them on the shelves which no one else in our house would read.

After reading these book, I decided that I will sell them so someone else could read them. A cheaper and historic version.

I am thinking of starting a online shop for second hand books but I worry that I might not be able to handle it well.

Being organized with technology is easier

Using apps and gadgets is definitely encouraging me to be come more organized. My Business Calendar was really used well along with my Google Keep. However, my Moneywise app is in a good shape.

I have high hopes that I can balance everything perfectly in the future though.

How about you, how's your New Year's resoilution going?

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