Beginner's Hike: Planning our First Hike at Montalban, Rizal

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One of the sguadgoals of my circle of friends in college was to travel together. We already had our first adventure when we went to Enchanted Kingdom and Sun City Resort in Pansol, Laguna last October 2015 (which I was not able to blog about). We were five then. One had to go home earlier when we arrived at Sun City Resort later that evening.

To make the long story short, our next goal was to hike together.

Mountain Hiking

Montalban Hike

It was one of those days when we were just talking about our next adventure. Hiking came into focus. Montalban is just 1-2 hour ride from Quezon City with mountain climbing opportunities and easy but challenging hiking trails so we took our shot. It is after San Mateo from Marikina City, and after Litex coming from Commonwealth area.

Montalban is called Rodriguez today. Don't confused them for different area. I once heard a passenger arguing with the terminal guide and insisting that they were going to Rodriguez and the terminal guide was nodding and saying that indeed, the FX was going to Montalban.

The name Montalban is indeed, still widely used by jeepneys, and public transportation.

Mt. Pamitinan Monatlaban, Rizal (Rodriguez)
image by paulriveraphotography

Planning the Hike

Unfortunately, the planning stage was really difficult for us given that most of us are incoming 5th year students. Aside from that, planning for the hike at this time of the year, we have to expect unexpected schedule for planning and seminars for our OJT this summer.

The hike was originally scheduled March 28. I already contacted a tour guide to help us out with the hiking trails in the area.

March 23, Therese called me and told me we should resched this March 26. The earlier and the more unexpected, the more people would be able to come. Our Laguna trip was planned the night before our trip then so I didn't had doubts.

March 25. We were texting each other whether we were going to push through. Our plan originally had the 5 of us going hiking that day. Therese, Win, Mark, Joy and I. Joy replied that she was not sure yet because of financial reasons. Trip comes with the burden of paying for it so I understand.

We resched back to March 28.

March 27. We were deliberating. Therese was able to invite two other friends, Dyn and Riz. Later that afternoon, I learned that Win will not be able to join because he was going to process his OJT in the company he was eyeing. We're down to five. Though we were positive we would be able to push through it.

The night before the hike, Win sent me a message in Facebook. If we could move the hike next week so he could come and at the same time, have enough funds for this. I think he also talked with the other people who would be joining the hiking trails and had it cancelled.

I would really love everyone to come. I do. What would be hiking without friends whom you could share those moments and experience with. I just hope we would be able to push through this. I already bought hand gloves because I heard the terrain in Mt. Pamitinan is rocky. I actually prepared my backpack already prior to them cancelling it.

Fingers crossed

I am just hoping for the best. Let's see this April. Maybe April 4 or 5. We are hoping to do a twinhike in the hiking trails in Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan at Montalban. I want to see the sea of clouds the hikers have been screaming about.

Let's see. We will see.

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