3 Essential Resolutions For Me as a Blogger

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I was looking through my posts in January and realized I was not able to make a list of my New Year's resolution for 2016. There are thousands of realizations I had in 2015 that changed part of my perspective in life.

The first week of February has almost ended but I think, curating my list today won't be any problem.

3 Essential Resolutions For Me as a Blogger

Start a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Please hold you opinions about zero waste lifestyle and how impossible it is. I have been living more than enough to know that using plastics is almost unavoidable and creating trash is just as common.

The goal of zero waste lifestyle is to produce no trash at all. But hey, the idea remains that it hopes to lessen the trash we are creating and raise awareness about our daily consumption. By rethinking my lifestyle with zero waste in mind, I realized that I have been producing A LOT and mean, A LOT of unnecessary trash and been using my money on things I don't need. This is a real mind opener if you care to think beyond the line.

Having your actions to align with the values you believe in is important to me. I think starting with this lifestyle is a good move forward.

Read a New Book Every Month

Reading novels has been part of my life. Reading books has every advantage that I can think of. It can help in developing your imagination (which I really enjoy), and it helps me enhance my vocabulary in every way I can think of. When I start reading books especially on summer break, I can finish 6 books in a row. But that's a different story when we have classes. I tend to not read any books at all.

Upon realizing this, I decided that part of my new year's resolution should be about reading atleast 1 new book every month. This is a small figure but it's a start. The first book I finished this year is Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson which is related to my resolution of living a zero waste lifestyle. I hope to continue this vibe and finish my pledge of reading 20 books this 2016 in my Goodreads account.

Organize My Life

As a blogger, I can't really stress out how important it is to post in my blog. But again, real life will always coincide with it one way or another. That is why organizing my life is essential to make this goal a reality.

I have been using more functions of Goodreads to track my reading progress and list, while I use Google Keep and Business Calendar to keep track or my appointments and to-do list. Meanwhile, Moneywise is going great with tracking my financial expenses. I skipped with keeping a planner as part of my zero waste goal because I realized that after the year, these organizers just rot away in a corner.

So far, I have been making progress in committing to these resolutions. I do hope that I can continue with this for the whole year.
How about you? What resolutions are you sticking with this year?

Mary is the blogger behind Remakestyle. She is an environmentalist, freelance writer and future engineer working towards a sustainable future.


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These are great resolutions! I'm always so inspired when people say they are going to try and live a zero waste lifestyle (though my next thought is always how do you do it?? haha). Even if it's not 100% zero waste, it is still super admirable and so much better for the environment! You'll have to write about how you are doing with it! I'm really curious.

This year I just made two goals: to read 52 books and to blog more consistently. So far it's going pretty good! Best of luck with yours!