I Pledged to Read Books and How I Plan to Keep on Reading

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I pledged to read 20 books this year 2016. That is according to my Goodreads account which I constantly update today. I find it motivating to keep track of my reading progress as time passes. 20 books might seem small to some bibliophile, but I think this is a good number to start especially when I also want to keep on reading my textbooks in my major.

But pledging to do read is harder to put in action. For the past few years, I find myself losing track of  my goals when it comes to reading that sometimes, I succumbed to not reading at all for three months. An unfortunate but very true story.

To counter my reading procrastination and to keep track of my goal, I plan to the following steps which I have already started doing this month.

Update my Reading Progress

By reading progress, I meant updating my account on Goodreads (@pixiespell). I have been a member this popular book community since 2010 but I haven't really used most of its function yet.

Updating your book status page or percent read is one way I find effective to motivate me to continue and finish a book. I also find it interesting that I can share my thoughts about a certain page through this function.

Keep a List of Books I Want to Read

I have been constantly finding new books to read today. I used to only read young adult books but today, I have started to love reading self-help books on productivity and environmental living. Knowing that I have this list on hand keeps me thinking about the good possibilities I could learn by reading them.

Read Audiobooks

Books come in all forms today. When I received my Samsung tab, I started reading digital copies of books which I found really convenient. Reading ebooks today is generally accepted as a form of reading.

However, there are times when I still feel that my time would be spent better reading than listening to music. An example of these cases includes when I am walking to my next classes or when I jog in the morning. Hence, I started to consider listening to audiobooks.

I had a good chance of trying out an audiobook which I listened to when I am travelling to school and doing miscellaneous activities. I thought it was really productive.

Create Book Reviews

This part I hope I could achieve well. Creating book reviews is challenging but a good way of sharing my opinions and promoting a book. As a blogger, crafting a blog post about a book I love is the best way to keep myself blogging and reading books alike.

Have you pledge in the reading challenge? How many books do you plan to read?

Mary is the blogger behind Remakestyle. She is an environmentalist, freelance writer and future engineer working towards a sustainable future.