Rethinking my Lifestyle

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I am an undergraduate student studying environment and engineering in general and I've been trying to live one step a time towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

It's not a really easy attempt given the way our society runs today but I believe that every action counts and every word of propagating this message to everyone is worth every post.

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Living in a Dormitory

I first took a medical-related undergrad course in college. I lived in a dormitory and we don't own a stove but we are allowed to use the microwave. Thus, I usually buy take-out foods for dinner and eat them later when I wake up after napping to study my lessons.

I also bought bottled water every day for two years I believe.

But the time came that I became financially aware of how much I spent everyday. That was when I changed school, started commuting home and took an engineering program. I realized that buying bottled water took a significant part of my weekly allowance.

Hence, I shifted to using tumbler. And I thought I was being better than other people because I am using tumbler and I just refill my water everyday. I thought I was being eco-friendlier than others.

A year later, I started renting a space again. We have a stove this time so I am able to cook meals sometimes. But most of the time, I eat outside. I also realized that I was trying to shop more packaged food than before because it was more convenient and cheaper (or so it seems) in the short-run.

Is zero waste possible? In this world, can someone really do it?

Meeting Lauren

A few weeks ago, while scrolling through my feed in Facebook, I stumbled upon an article from about a woman who is not producing any trash for 2 years. I became curious so I followed the link and I met Lauren Singer, the blogger behind Trash is for Tossers.

I learned that she has been living a zero waste lifestyle in those span of years. I am aware of zero waste principle because last January was declared Zero Waste month and we have been invited to attend several activities related to this event.

But this time, Zero Waste caught my attention because I am reading an actual experience from a real person. Is zero waste possible? In this world, can someone really do it?

But Lauren is doing it. I am deeply inspired by her story so I started reading more about Zero Waste lifestyle.

I realized that the attempt I'm making is nothing. I'm still doing things for convenience... the convenience which turned this world into a world of trash. I am, what she told herself, a hypocrite. I'm studying about environment and advocating about it but I don't really practice what I preach.

Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle

Today, I'm trying to rethink my lifestyle. This might sound a little corny to some but my stomach just turns upside down now whenever I think about wastes and there is a flick of guilt whenever I throw wastes.

I am hoping for a positive outcome in my attempt to live a sustainable lifestyle. I hope to use my blog to giide me through my journey.

Mary is the blogger behind Remakestyle. She is an environmentalist, freelance writer and future engineer working towards a sustainable future.


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I read a book for one of my courses in school called "No Impact Man" and it sounds very similar to the article you read. It was about a family who decided to produce no waste for a year (or maybe it was originally a month) but they ended up continuing to do it. I think it's crazy how people can do that - however I do wish more people thought like that. I try to be environmentally conscious however I'm probably not doing as much as I could.

January 4, 2016 at 6:46 PM delete

I have to read that. I feel inspired right now. Thanks for sharing. I know this might sound crazy trying to become one of them but it is worth the effort.