PixieChronicle X Firmoo Sunglasses Giveaway Winners

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I know it has been more than weeks since the PixieChronicle X Firmoo Sunglasses Giveaway ended and I have been announcing the winners of the giveaway just today. I contacted our sponsor regarding the winners of the giveaway and the turn out of events and they replied last week.

PixieChronicle X Firmoo Sunglasses Giveaway Winners

If you read the whole giveaway post, then you would understand that this giveaway has a catch. We need to reach 50 valid contestants so we could giveaway the grand prize which is the free sunglasses. And yes, we reached that goal. However, not everyone followed the instructions given and failed to comply with the mandatory entries. Still, there are things to be rejoice for.

Only 43 contestants have valid entries.Too bad because the mandatory entries are really easy to follow. So we could only give away the $20 discount coupon from Firmoo Online Optical Store.

Nonetheless, since we almost reached the goal, Firmoo Online Optical Store decided that all those valid entries will be given their fair share of effort. So everyone, for the twist of events, all those contestants who did the mandatory entries and have valid entries will all become winners of this giveaway. Isn't that great?

I will send the details to the contestants within the day. Thank you very much for joining and really doing some reading. I hope next time that we host another giveaway, other people would do the same. Thank you for our sponsor as well, Firmoo Online Optical Store.

Till' next time. Thank you for participating in this event.

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