What to Do to Entertain Yourself

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As much as we wanted to enjoy everyday of our life, there are just those time when we experience the word “boredom”. A few of us would just look in the sea and daze It could be really disappointing because it feels like a waste of time, being bored that is. It could be really mind-boggling just thinking about it. Sometimes boredom could just lead to laziness.

To counterstrike it, I have seen different people do different things to make their time useful or maybe, just worth the wait. This might be some sort of hobby for them, and sometimes, a way to discover oneself even better.
  • Reading Books. A book is literally one of the escapes to people who want to get out of reality for a moment or two. I personally find reading amusing. Not only it enhances how our brain works but it also improves our vocabulary. Novel and ebooks are basically popular which can be acquired in online bookstore or stands. Others can be downloaded for free.
  • Watching movies. Just going to cinemas are time and money consuming. Today, there are more alternatives possible. Have a copy of your favorite film series in your laptop, or on your mobile phone to enjoy your time in a more convenient way.
  • Playing Games. Games Games Games! This speaks of childhood but the truth is, playing games does not make you less matured. A simple game of “habul-habulan” or playstation would do the trick. 
  • Try sports. Badminton, soccer, basketball, these just don’t help exercise your muscles and coordination, but they also help in creating new friendship. Being athletic would be always nice.
  • Play an instrument. How to play a guitar? You have always wondered how that thing works. Now may be the perfect time to learn it. Music lessons are also available almost everywhere.
Do what you like. Like what you do. In the end having fun comes natural.

Mary is the blogger behind Remakestyle. She is an environmentalist, freelance writer and future engineer working towards a sustainable future.


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sherry ann gole cruz
July 23, 2013 at 1:48 PM delete

the only thing i cannot do on your list is to try sports because of my health condition but i like watching movies the most whenever i feel bored