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Music. The rhythm. The beat. It gets so amazing once it starts.

This modern musical film, Pitch Perfect, is the perfect movie for all those who can appreciate music and, for those who want to appreciate music. I warn you, this post might contain spoilers.

Pitch Perfect (2012)
Beca is a college freshman who wanted to follow a different career path—a path which her father is against. Because of a deal her father offered, Becca has to find a group in the university which she could fit herself.

Here comes, comes The Barden Bellas, an all-girl group who sings acapella. Their goal—to make it to the top finals of the acapella competition which they disastrously failed last year. Now, Aubrey, the group’s leader and Chloe must find new members to finish what they started.
Pitch Perfect is a 2012 musical and comedy film about a college group, The Barden Bellas, an all-girls acapella singing group who wanted to return to the finals of the acapella competition. This is those kind of film who will make you laugh and inspire you to accept change and make the most out of your life.

The music covers in the film are really entertaining considering that they are acapellas. I used to believe that although acapella is unique and cool, they can be pretty boring after sometime. But when I watched Pitch Perfect, I developed what music lovers call “Last Song Syndrome” (LSS).

Pitch Perfect (2012)


They say you have to experience something before you believe on it. Then I’d say one should watch Pitch Perfect and see what will happen. Every covers were really great especially Cups, Pool Mashup of Just the Way You Are (Amazing)and Just a Dream, Bella’s Final song and Riff-off songs. I still don’t want to spoil the fun though I’m giving you hints that it would be really excellent.

Here’s the outcome of watching Pitch Perfect:
  1. They were so good that my dormmates were playing the songs for the whole two weeks in our room, while in the bathroom and almost everytime they find fitting.
  2. My blockmates were singing “The Sign” again and again during our Biochemistry laboratory.
  3. The film was mesmerizing that our whole class was really focused on watching it when I played it while waiting for our Literature professor.
  4. I started to dream of becoming a singer and recorded my own voice just to try.
  5. I tried learning the “Cup” stunt.
  6. With regards to number 5, whenever I see a plastic cup, I’ll do that “Cup” stunt.
  7. I downloaded the full soundtrack and played it during free time.
  8. Out of nowhere, I will sing or mumble the song in my head.
Curious, ain’t you?

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Considering the story, I’m pretty sure that incoming freshmen could relate to how Beca felt the first time she stepped in college. I felt the same actually. I still doubted my course even then.

Nonetheless, like her, I found the perfect club to join. I found a new family in college. If you enjoy what you do, then I’m telling you, you’ll definitely enjoy college whatever happens.

This might be quite a critic but while my friend and I were conversing about it, she noted that Pitch Perfect might be showing some discrimination with regards to her Korean roommate Kimmy Jin who was shown to be unfriendly towards her the whole film.

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Regardless, this film will prove that not all birds of the same feather will flock together. The new Barden Bellas is composed of members who have the most different character yet; they found a new family with each other.

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Jen Anne
March 27, 2013 at 1:50 AM delete

I love Pitch Perfect! :) I was actually laughing through out the movie. :) Fat Amy is just hilarious. :) Actually, I got LSS with some of the songs in that movie. :)

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April 15, 2013 at 7:34 PM delete

The songs are really great! So cool and nice. I'll check out your giveaway. Thanks for the invite.