What I Would Want to Experience Before Doomsday Happen

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When all people around you would do is rant about doomsday, you get that feeling to make your wishlist of what you should do before it happen. Although I believe that there would be the faintest possibility that it would happen, it would not hurt to think about what you want to do with your life.

1. Ride a Hot Air Baloon

Inspired by the movie "Up", travelling the world, or atleast some part of the country by hot air balloon is my dream. I’m not really rooting to travel on a house filled with balloons like that in the movie, but to travel on the traditional hot air balloon is much preferred.

What I Would Want to Experience Before Doomsday Happen - Tor Ride a Hot Air Baloon

2. Cliff Diving

I’m not an extreme person but I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself. Although this feels like really scary, it would be worth a try. My bones are tingling already just by idea of going cliff diving.

What I Would Want to Experience Before Doomsday Happen - Cliff Diving - New Moon - Bella at La Push

Maybe I got the idea to try cliff diving when I read about it from one of the Twilight novels when Bella was so depressed that he went cliff diving in La Push. That was in New Moon I believe.

3. Cosplay

Since I was young, I have been dreaming to be able to do professional cosplaying. You know those people who try to imitate characters from games, animes and movies, they are cosplaying. It is more like a hobby to some people, while some have found way to use this to make some earnings.

Anyway, I did cosplay before, but that was once and it was really a beginner’s attempt.

What I Would Want to Experience Before Doomsday Happen - Cosplayer Sue as Nymph of Sora No Othoshimono
Cosplayer Sue as Nymph

For the record, I would want to cosplay Azmaria Hendric of Chrono Crusade, Nymph of Sora No Otoshimono and Mavis Vermilion of Fairy Tail. I find them extremely kawaii and I like the characters they portray.

4. Watch the Phantom of the Opera in Theatre

I have already watched the Phantom of the Opera film and it really caught me. Now all I wanted is to watch a musical play of which.

What I Would Want to Experience Before Doomsday Happen - The Phantom of the Opera

5. To Wed the Man of my Dream

And ofcourse, let us face it. We want to marry that one guy who makes our heart beat indifferently. To wed that one guy who makes us laugh, who makes us feel beautiful and who treats us with respect. All girls’ dream is to wed the man of our dreams.

What I Would Want to Experience Before Doomsday Happen - Beautiful Crystal Wedding Dress - To Wed the Man of my Dreams

If I could do those things, then I could say my life is quite complete.
How about you? What do you want to experience before doomsday happens?

Mary is the blogger behind Remakestyle. She is an environmentalist, freelance writer and future engineer working towards a sustainable future.


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Mia Venus
December 28, 2012 at 8:09 AM delete

The only thing I want to get over with before the world ends is to marry the man of my dreams as well. Call me mushy or something, but nothing beats being next to the person you love while the world is crumbling into pieces...even literally. :)) 

January 2, 2013 at 7:20 PM delete

since my post is late i still want to share my thoughts. well i got one big dream of course and that would be about my family. we never have the opportunity to together as a whole and i would really like if it happens.
may be a whole family vacation and trip would be nice. ^_^