My Gadget Wishlist for Christmas

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When bells start ringing and clock starts ticking, you will be sitting in the one of that soft sofa, waiting for your Christmas gift to arrive. But if it did not arrive, maybe, you would start thinking, “Was I not that specific with what I want for Christmas?” Nonetheless, you should have think twice and checked your wishlist.

So for Christmas, here is the list of gadget I wish to receive.


iPhone 5 was already released, why choose an old model like iPhone 4S?

My Gadget Wishlist for Christmas - iPhone 4s

Basically, what I want on this phone is that how it can be so handy. One of my dormmates and some of my classmates own one and I can’t help but notice how practical it can be. Don’t have enough time to copy your notes? Just click and shot and you’re way to go. I’m not a slacker. I’m just telling you could use it for emergency purposes. Also, it is really social media friendly. With just a few click and touch and you could already post your status in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Really handy indeed.


If I would be asked if I like photography, I’ll reply and tell them that I am a shutterbug. But ever since, I only own a Canon Ixus 95 IS. Although it is smaller compared to DSLRs, lightweight and can take pretty good shots with 10.0 megapixel, DSLRs is still your best companion for ultimate photography experience. And... Canon is the best I know.

My Gadget Wishlist for Christmas - Canon DSLR - Canon EOS 6D

Nonetheless, I don’t know any specific DSLR that would be perfect for a beginner like me. If you know anything, just tell me.


Any tablet would do fine for me. I want one because it is neither small nor too big and I can read all books (e-book) that I want anywhere anytime. One of my classmates actually told me that she has an e-book of our anatomy book and that is really convenient. First of all, the book is really bulky, and big and it’s quite hard to search for terms, but if you can have it inside your iPad, you can bring it almost everywhere, everyday, and it can fit inside a smaller bag plus, it would be easier to search for terms.

My Gadget Wishlist for Christmas - iPad - iPad mini

I want gadgets not simply because I want them, but sometimes, it’s just what you need.
So, do you have any gadget in your wishlist? Did you receive anything from your wishlist?
Well then, it’s Merry Christmas.

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December 27, 2012 at 10:58 AM delete

mine are Sony NEX3 camera, Starmobile Engage tablet and  Galaxy S3.
I like your wishlist and i do wish it will come true. ^_^

Mía Venus
December 27, 2012 at 11:14 AM delete

Gadget Wishlist err I'd do the same if I only have a definite time and the resources to get them. It's good that you're settling with Iphone 4s though, you know with Iphone 5 out in the market. I heard 4s is the best among the Iphone series. :) 

December 29, 2012 at 12:35 AM delete

Hope your wishlist will come true;D Though commenting here won't make my wishlist suddenly appear but since you're asking I'd love a pink samsung galaxy s3(it's already out in Korea and hopefully soon in Ireland), sony a77 cam and perhaps a 13inch macbook pro? of course with a pink case hahah and also speaking of cases, I'd also want PINK personally engraved smart case for my ipad! Got that Santa? Other than the material stuff, I wish for inner and world peace and also top that up with financial stability hahah Don't worry my friend someday our wishes will come true;) BTW, they say iphone5 is faster that s3 but I guess it's more the purpose that matters:)

Jane Jacquelie P. Vestil
December 31, 2012 at 11:15 AM delete

As for me, I also want a tablet, specifically the Samsung Galaxy Note 1. I choose the old model out of love at first sight. ^_^