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Straight from UP Lantern Festival, we rode the cab and went to UST Paskuhan. This time, Joy disagreed to go with us. A matter of strict parents!

Anyway, along with Cara, Robert, Amen, and Vlad, we paid a total of Php 250. Not bad for the comfort and privacy of the ride. Supposed to be, it was to be Php 200 only but the driver told us that it was traffic ahead and he’s not agreeing, not with Php 250 as the fare. So, the deal is off!

So guys, remember making an agreement before you ride a cab. Maybe you can have a deal for a lower price on your cost.

Continuing... everyone shared their stories along the way. A chance of bonding, not to be missed right?! We talked about random topics like the UP newspaper which Vlad and Amen were carrying. I forgot the title, and haven’t read any articles, but it has weird stuffs on it (no offense, cause I just had a glimpsed and the idea came from what both of them were telling us). Conversation about gradeschool years, and highschool were also on the list.

UST church

Alas! We arrived around 8 pm I guess. We noticed that a lot of people were outside. Probably, outsiders like us. We asked the guards and they told us that the event is not open for everyone (like we thought it was), unless you know someone from inside. But ofcourse, we know someone. Melvin!

He was with Aika (I don’t know her personally but she was my schoolmate in highschool). We made our way inside and signed on the visitor’s form. Amen’s mischief didn’t go unnoticed in our eyes. Eheh!

So, we just took a stroll. We went where Melvin’s classmates were hanging out. He (Melvin) wanted to introduce us but didn’t know how to start. I was expecting he would still do what he should have done because I want to try making some friends that moment. To go out of my shell and try to be friendly. Stuffs in my mind went like that.

Nonetheless, as I said, nothing happened, so we kept our stroll. We were all hungry so we decided to take our dinner then. We went outside the university and ate in a nearby carinderia. As we finished our dinner, the fireworks started. Actually, fireworks, for me, is  one of the wonders of the world. It was good in any way. Some were saying that that was not everything of it. I was hoping the same.


...fireworks, for me, is  one of the wonders of the world.
We went to the washroom afterwards. Need not to elaborate. I waited with the others outside just like the others. The line for the girls’ was really long (as always). Need not to compare it with the boys queue. Anyway, I’m not the one who needed WC. The boys do.

My Friends and I at UST Paskuhan

My Friends and I at UST Paskuhan

A matter of time, the boys wanted to watch the band. So we went to the spot where the bands were playing. Looking at the crowd of people gathering around the area, we knew at sight that we won’t be able to make a way near band playing. We just stayed there for several minutes and had some fun chatting and watching from a distance.

For our last few hours, we lay in the grass. How do I describe it? It felt peaceful doing that. Serene, and all we did was chat. Telling stories and doing our things. Moments later, Melvin decided to treat us burgers. It was his birthday the yesterday. Looking back, he always did that, treating us burgers during his birthday. He didn’t change much, I guess.


UST Church

So, I’m not good with guys. But during our time, since from when we’re in UP Lantern Fest and until now, I felt closer to my guy friends. I just had the confidence to have the urge and have conversation with them.
I felt closer to my guy friends.
I had some time with Robert in UP. A moment with Melvin. Some minutes with Vlad. And a short debate and game with Amen. For me, this was a great accomplishment. I’m starting to get used to them. I’m not being the man-hater (exaggerated to use this word, but I don’t know any word similar or alike with this) they used to view me.

Ahah! I’m changing. A change for good.


The debate and game with Amen by the way, it was the funniest and inspiring thing I did that day. Game went like predicting the course of a certain passerby, judging who’s the leader of the group of people walking by, and watching couples make sweet arrangements and have arguments. We’re not trying to invade privacy. Just not trying to not lose the time out of boredom.

So the debate... Matters about our dreams, hopes and aspirations. One of the thing he said that was engraved in my mind was, “Hindi naman talaga mahalaga kung ano yung natapos mo. Ang talagang mahalaga ay kung natupad mo yung pangarap mo.” (It is not important what degree did you finished. What really matters is if you accomplished your dream.)
Hindi naman talaga mahalaga kung ano yung natapos mo. Ang talagang mahalaga ay kung natupad mo yung pangarap mo.
It made me think, reminisced my life and think of what I did in the past. Honestly, picking a career in the field of medicine was really out of my thoughts before. Sometimes, it still felt like mystery on why I chose it. I was more inclined to the field of arts, and I think I’ll do well in practical jobs. But anyway, I’m still pursuing this career. I hope I’ll have my mind cleared in the future and know what I really want.

Mary standing in front of a lantern leaf

So, that’s more of what happened last December 16, 2011. Lovsalut everyone!

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