ShoutMix Free Plan is Currently Unavailable

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Shoutmix has already stopped offering free services.

Yes, you heard me right. The moment I opened my blog, I immediately noticed this in my tagboard.

ShoutMix free plan is currently unavailable.

Shoutmix free plan is currently unavailable.

Sad to say, Shoutmix is closing its free plan for everyone. I went to their website and saw this note in my account.

We will no longer be offering free service. Upgrade your shoutbox now to continue the service. Please check the announcement here:

I opened the link and read that out of its users, only 0.07% are customers.

Pay for Shoutmix

Now, if you want to continue use this, you opt to pay with a minimum of $0.99/month—a total of $11.88/year. The price is not bad considering how this platform is really useful.

Their lowest plan has these following specifications:
  • 5 real-time users
  • Single shoutbox
  • Basic support
  • No advertisement
  • Over 50+ feature
Here are the following plans for Shoutmix:

Many people have enjoyed the free service brought by Shoutmix through these past few years. Now, maybe it’s time to pay them back.

For those who still prefers free tagboard service, you may use CBOX as an alternative for Shoutmix.

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