Happy Easter Sunday!

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Hello everyone! HAPPY EASTER Sunday!

Antipolo Church

So, well, we went to Antipolo church this day and we heard the mass. I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning and my eyes were still half-closed while straightening my bed sheets, and then again, I went back to sleep. It’s already quarter to 5 when I woke up again and then, I woke up my mom and hurriedly fixed myself. After sometime, Im ready to go, but I still haven’t eaten yet when my grandma called us and told us that we should go now. So, with an empty stomach, I rode on the car and we traveled to Antipolo. I was feeling a bit dizzy while hearing the mass. But, I fought hard not to faint. So, after the mass, I pushed really hard my mom and my grandma to eat. So, we went to Jollibee which was near the church.

I love them!

Im craving for some Legua de Gato

After eating our breakfast, we went to the uhm, marketplace (?) beside the church where vendors were selling different kinds of delicacies. We bought cashew nuts and suman somewhere near the place where our car was park.

The wishing fountain.

Minutes later, my grandma suggested that we should go to St. Claire too so, we all agreed and we went there. I wrote my wishes on a piece of paper there using the smallest pencil I can see. I was thinking that if somebody asks me why I chose that over those longer ones, I would say that shorter pencils were not used because longer pencils were present so to be fair, I should use it. And then, again, I wrote my wishes on the paper and dropped it on the place where it should be dropped. Then, we pray on the church and when we saw this fountain, me and my brother tossed a coin on it and said our prayers together. After that, we went tired yet happy!!! :)

So, for those who wants to see some shots made by my new cam, those pictures above are some of them. Just click on them to view a larger version of it.

*Note: I didn't use photoshop or any editing software to enhance them.

  1. What did you do during Easter Sunday?
  2. Did you enjoy it?

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Wow! I like the resolutions of the photos above ;>

I miss going to Antipolo. Enjoy your vacation. Have Fun! && Stay Pretty.


April 5, 2010 at 10:47 AM delete

wow. that is one happy vacation :)

April 5, 2010 at 5:31 PM delete

Wow Antipolo. I have several aunts and uncles that live there and go to Church there :)

I must praise the camera! The pictures are awesome :):) *looking for the blog with the new camera in it* =))

What did you do during Easter Sunday?
- Went to the cementery, it's my Lola's 40th day eh. Then mass, then eating!
Did you enjoy it?
- Yeah, it was a family reunion :)