My First Cbox Tagboard

Thursday, January 05, 2012 1 Comments A+ a-

Here is my first Cbox chatbox I used when I started blogging. As you can see, I have a new chatbox on my sidebar and I am not using this anymore.

I think miss all my tags I received here from different bloggers I met along the way. This platform is very sentimental since it helped me a lot when I started blogging back in 2008. I settled for another chatbox before. It was Shoutmix but this platform is not free anymore. Shoutmix started selling plans for its users.

Cbox for Tagboard

Cbox Website
Cbox website

Cbox is a really good alternative for Shoutmix. It is basically an online chat platform where users can interact in real time. Some bloggers, I myself, use similar tools to leave messages to blogs which we visited. This is very convenient compared to using contact forms and leaving comments on posts.

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