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13 April 2014

Cannot connect to the real

When you open your Chrome browser this information will appear the screen – “Cannot connect to the real”. Then you tried to open other website and the same thing happens - “Cannot connect to the real *website name*”. You tried Mozilla, and other browsers, yet the same message appears. This can get intimidating especially when you are using the only device you can use to access the internet and you can’t just Google the answer.

Cannot connect to the real message

However, if you are reading this article right now and you are trying to find a way in solving this same problem, then you are probably using you mobile phone to connect to you area’s wifi or in some cases, you have to go all the trouble of going to another computer shop and access another Chrome browser. Worst case scenario I can think of is that you paid a technician just to solve this problem.

If that would be the case, please hold your breath because this problem has a really easy solution. I have experienced this problem before and now, it feels frustrating that I skipped using our faster computer for days just because of this.

11 April 2014

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10 April 2014

National Bookstore Non-Fiction Bestsellers for March

Summer has already started. If you are still looking for the perfect book to try this summer, you should check out National Bookstore Non-Fiction Bestsellers for March. They already released their list and it comes with variety of reads to choose from.

The World of Non-Fiction

If you want to rule out in the world of fiction for a while, then you must try a new phase of National Bookstore Non-Fiction Bestsellers for March. Summer is all about trying something fun and exciting and what is more real than living in the real world.

March Bestseller

First on the list is KPOP Now! The Korean Music Revolution by Mark James Russel. Indeed, the Korean Pop or K-Pop as we know have taken the Philippines far and wide. The number of concerts and gigs in our country as well as the number of fans are growing everyday.

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