Bones: Meet Temperance Brennan

Aside from reading books, one of my favorite past time is watching TV series. As of lately, I have been watching a couple of TV series along with my brother. A few of them includes Castle, The Mentalist, The Walking Dead, and House MD.

I am an avid fun of watching movies but I guess the excitement in waiting to watch the next episode in a TV series is something.

Another TV series which I am fond of is Bones.

Meet Temperance Brennan

Straightforward and brilliant in almost everything, Temperance Brennan or what is commonly referred to as "Bones" in the TV series is the main protagonist of the the show.

She's quite the modern woman. She is rational and doesn't really like assumptions and relying on her emotions. Most of the series shows her having lack in social skills which she makes up for brilliant mind.

What I really like about her is her response to sarcasm as she takes everything as is and mostly doesn't get metaphors behind it.

Are you Bones?

I usually see myself as Bones most of the time. Not because I'm brilliant. I'm not that good but I do my best on my academics. I see myself as her because I usually rely with rational thoughts and not succumb to emotions.

Some people think I'm insensitive but I just don't do assumptions. I guess I take sarcasm seriously as Bones do.

That's why some people tell me that I don't appreciate people putting effort for me. My side, I just don't want to do assumption. If you like to tell me something, just say it directly to me. I'm not really insensitive as they say, because I see what they are really doing. But to assume something other than what they tell me, I've already limited my boundaries.

Oh well. I don't think it's a bad thing because I know what I want and I know what is going. But I just don't really like the word assumption unless we are dealing with engineering.

Why Is My Health Failing?

These days, health has become a big priority for many people. Whether you're attempting to eliminate a disease, lose weight, or simply have more energy throughout the day, it's important for you to understand what steps you should take to make it happen. However, it's also important that you recognize any mistakes you might be committing that are precluding you from attaining the radiant, vibrant health you deserve.

1. You're Making It Too Complicated.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they start to pursue health is that they make it too complicated. Oftentimes, individuals become overwhelmed at the idea of buying a ton of protein powders, doing two hour workouts, or learning how to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables. Indeed, there is a lot of health advice and information out there that entails a lot of work and the implementation of numerous time-consuming strategies.

Image by Dr. Abdullah Naser

While pursuing health may seem like a complex enterprise, it's important to know that pursuing health doesn't have to be a tedious, complicated endeavor. There are multiple simple strategies you can implement to start seeing results almost immediately. One strategy you should consider is purchasing your health products online. If you're in the need of diagnostic kits like an elisa reader, Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. can provide you with them. You can also buy other health products like supplements and exercise equipment online.

2. You're Not Optimizing Your Environment.

Another reason that people fail to obtain optimal health pertains to their environment. One environmental factor you should consider seriously is other people. Typically, healthy people tend to form and retain relationships with other individuals who lead lifestyles marked by wellness. Likewise, unhealthy people tend to gravitate towards individuals who are sedentary and make suboptimal eating choices. Thus if you are an unhealthy person, it's likely the case that your primary associates will not be a great source of motivation and encouragement for you. To ensure that you attain the positive feedback, advice, and general support necessary to make healthy changes in your lifestyle, it's important that you surround yourself with health conscious people.


Pursuing health can be an incredibly fun and liberating endeavor. As you make prudent decisions and recognize bodily signals, you can start to attain the high levels of energy and elevated mood that make life incredible. If you're ready to start getting healthy now, remember that keeping things simple and remembering to optimize your environment can help you manifest the optimal levels of wellness you're seeking!

The Age of Blogging

I have been blogging for almost 9 years now. It has been that long. It never felt like that until I checked.

I admit I have been through a number of long hiatus--those days wherein I felt like I was busy and never found time to curate a post. But now I realized, blogging is not forcing you to create a blog post because you have to, it was about blogging about your experience which you felt you should share with others.

Blogging Through the Years

Yes, I started my first real blog here at Pixiechronicle. No matter how much I thought I should stop posting here and start anew, I never could. Maybe because this blog felt sentimental to me.

I started just for the sake of blogging. It felt so right to start my own online diary--that means to say, my own blog. I was inspired by hundreds of ideas from Candy Magazine. Still, I blogged just to write down my thoughts. It never occurred to me that someone would read it. And when I received my first comment in my blog, I was joyous because I never thought someone would care to read it.

My first blog was far fetched from what it is now. My posts were so personal, and my layout was made of pure html which I tweaked a lot. I enjoyed what I was doing.

Making Friends Through Blogging

I was an observer for most of the time then. But when I discovered the fun in sharing comments and interacting with other bloggers through other media, blogging just became more fun.

I remember that bloghopping was my favorite past time. It was really nice reading other people's blog when you can relate to their sentiments. It was the fun part of blogging.

I met a lot of friends I should say. I even met two girls who shared the same birthday as mine. I ever exchanged gifts with them during our birthday in 2011. Because blogging gave me so much more than I can hope.

Taking Blogging to the Next Level

I never owned a domain before until I bought one for this blog. It was a careful deliberation with myself about retaining its name or choosing something else. I decided to retain it and off it goes.

Buying a domain I think is an alternative way of saying, "I'm taking this seriously."

I loved Blogskins but now I opt for a more minimalist, customizable and responsive layouts. It was really fun while it lasts. I learned about HTML, CSS and creating my own graphic designs that I ever could in the school. And it's all thanks to blogging.

I'm now in college and I might say, I have more priorities than this blog. But as long as I can hopefully maintain it, I'll stick with it as long as I can.

The Blue Panda

This month of May, I am changing my desktop wallpaper into “The Blue Panda”. To support the ocean and marine biodiversity, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) panda is going blue.

Every month, WWF is offering a desktop wallpaper design. Every wallpaper is high quality, distinctive and speaks for the environment. Last month, their wallpaper design was titled “Sustain Our Seas” which features two children rowing a boat. This is still part of the #BluePanda campaign.

#BluePanda The Blue Panda by WWF

Download your Wallpaper

You may download your own desktop wallpaper on their website. They feature two options with different resolutions for each image. You can download desktop wallpaper or wallpaper with calendar like mine.

They also offer wallpapers for mobile devices and other photography of the environment. Feast your eyes.

A Step Towards Sustainability

In gradeschool, our school principal took a minute on stage to share about her observation from a student who showed great respect to the environment.

On her way home, she saw a student who was walking in front of her eating chips. After she finished eating her snacks, making sure she had eaten every last bite of the chips, she crumpled the plastic chip container and put it in her side pocket.

Our principal was delighted with the action the student showed. Right on the stage she told us that if a little girl can make that small sacrifice of keeping her garbage in check, why can’t all of us. That was when she voiced out a slogan which became part of my life, “Kalat mo, Ibulsa mo”, which promotes putting your thrash into your pocket.
Kalat Mo, Ibulsa Mo
I was a young child and my community was my world. I believed that responsible management is possible and a place without garbage exists.

Garbage by Chris-HÃ¥vard Berge

International Coastal Clean-up

The 27th of September 2014 was a special day. We were going to hold our department's sportsfest tryout and our organization will attend the 2014 International Coastal Clean-up at the same day. For a day, we could be part of the world and work into achieving something great.

The Wastes in the Blue Sea

We arrived in the scene along with other people who were going to become part of the clean-up. We met other members of our organization who came earlier and started forming ranks to our assigned area. What we saw afterwards was an outrageous number of garbage in the coastal area.

2014-International-Coastal-CleanupPiles of garbage in the coastal area during the 2014 International Coastal Clean-up.

What happened to the people who care for the wastes they produce? The bay was a massive dump of garbage. What used to be sand became layers and layers of garbage which accumulated through time.

The whole bay region was not wholly like what our area has become. The bay has garbage everywhere but some part has lesser. It was within our chance that we were assigned to this area.

I think the world goes in the same way. Not every person consumes the same amount of resources and services, but they have the need for consumption every day. Not every country produces the same amount of garbage yet they participate in the production of garbage every day.

You are Part of this Problem

The coastal area from another angle.

The idea of waste management to most people has become a repetition of a series of lectures about the 3Rs and waste segregation and yet it was not enough to prevent a scenario like this. Most of the garbage which was in the area was mostly household wastes. Food containers, plastic bags, slippers, torn clothes and many others, and you may never guess what, but YOU are part of the this problem.

YOU may be part of the 11 million people who generates garbage in Metro Manila alone, or;

YOU may be part 100 million people who produces wastes in the Philippines, or;

YOU may be one of the 4.427 billion people who continuously consume energy from Asia.

But for sure,

YOU are one of the 7 billion people WHO LIVES IN EARTH and uses it resources to continue living.

The Problem as We Know It

Let me share you a usual conversation about food consumption.
Theresa and Janna bring their own lunch to school everyday. Once, during their lunch break, Theresa noticed that Janna did not finished the foods on her plate.

Theresa said,"You should should finish your meal. Many children are starving right now."

Janna responded, "Will those children's hunger be satisfied if I eat all of this?"
What do think of this conversation?

Yes, Janna has the right on what to do with her meal. If she wants to eat all of it, she can. If she thinks she should throw it, she should.

But it is not a question of Janna's morality but the waste she will produce by bringing lunch she can't fully consume. If Janna would practice responsible management, then she should bring enough food with a plate she can finish. Small decisions like this which seems almost pointless to consider, but if you will look at another perspective, this is a problem.

The world has become a vast field for consumption. Everyday, people has settled to their needs without the effort to wander about the drawback of their actions to the future of the environment.

Here is a question from World Wide Fund for Nature to help us reflect, “We are living as if we had more than one planet. What's your environmental footprint?”

Become the Change you Want to Be

Unfortunately, we cannot turn the clock back to the way the world used to be. What we can do is to become the change that could turn the world into a better place.

Consume Less, Save More

There are different ways to facilitate a healthy and active lifestyle without having to compromise with the environment. Small actions if taken collectively can achieve bigger goals.

Commute Your Way to Work

Save fuel consumption by commuting your way to work or in my case, to school. If you own a private vehicle, then why not take the public bus for a change.

In Metro Manila, traffic can be observed almost everywhere. In my opinion, the problem lies with thousands of private vehicles in the Metro. Owning a car has become a need through time, after-all, is it convenient, but it has also become a symbol of status.

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, “In global level, the transport sector produces 24% of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels, up from 22% in 1990, and projected to increase to 30% by 2020”. In addition to that, “private cars are used for 97% of land passenger travel”.

If all the people in your office will do the same, then imagine how this could lessen the carbon emission from vehicles and at the same time, lessen the traffic in your area.


Another way we could help to reduce CO2 emission is by walking. Instead of riding the cab, opt to walk if possible. Instead of taking the elevator, walk and take the stairs. According to different studies, walking can help increase your cardiovascular fitness. That is a huge advantage given that it will not only help the environment but also your health.

Buy in Bulk

Take fewer trips to the grocery and buy your things and foods in bulk. Foods being sold in bulk are less expensive. Aside from that, less grocery trips also means lesser energy consumption.

Did you know that about 25% of total national greenhouse gas emissions are estimated to derive from the production and distribution of food and drinks? The number of people who are choosing to buy frozen and processed foods are increasing each year; hence the transportation and energy being used to deliver these goods are increasing each year.

Buy Energy Saving Appliances

The thing with buying appliances is that we tend to look for a product with cheaper price overlooking the operational cost. Take an energy-efficient air-conditioning unit which may cost Php 1,500 more but can save Php 1,500 more on operating cost per year compared to other brands. One may think that you save more by buying cheaper, but your electricity bill shows different, with you spending Php 15,000 in 10 years from not spending Php 1,500 more for another appliance.


Do More

While we should consume less, we should still do more.


Become part of an organization which aims to promote sustainable consumption and care for our environment. If you don’t have an extra time to commit to their activities, take part by giving donation.

The technology today has already paved the way to take volunteering to the next level. You can also become an online activist and promote green programs and events in social media to encourage more people to become part of it.

Plant More Trees

An old age concept with an undying value. Planting more trees equals more means on absorbing the CO2 in the planet. Start small and do it in your garden. Inspire your neighbors to do the same and make your way into building a greener community.

Be informed

The government and different sectors of the world are continuously finding ways for sustainable consumption of the people. Find time to read an article in the newspaper, or subscribe to advocacy blogs to get the latest issue about the technology and programs available today.

The best way to stay updated to the trend is by following different environmental organizations on social media. I personally subscribe to @UNEP and @connect4climate for the latest news.

Catch bottles from water treatment plant.

Another way to stay in touch with the latest technology and environmental programs is by joining seminars and visitation. Our department have similar activities and through that, I was fortunate to visit the Metro Clark Waste Management Corporation plant and attend conventions and seminars about climate change. I also am also taking part in a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) about Civic Ecology: Reclaiming Broken Places which is about understanding how people care for their environment through hands-on stewardship activities.

Information is everywhere.

Start Now

According to Richard Rogers, "The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved." If you think doing small actions like those which I have mentioned would not do any good, think again. If little by little, every hour, a person in every country converts his way into sustainable living, then that would be less than 7 million pounds of wastes.

No action is small and the path will not be easy but every step is worth a try to save the planet where we live. Take a step now. A step which will leave not footprints that will ruin the environment, but a step towards sustainability


World Immunization Week 2015: Close the Immunization Gap

Starting today, April 24 until April 30, the world will be celebrating the World World Immunization Week 2015. The theme this year is Close the Immunization Gap.

"Progress towards global vaccination targets for 2015 is far off-track with 1 in 5 children still missing out on routine life-saving immunizations that could avert 1.5 million deaths each year from preventable diseases," according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

World Immunization Week 2015: Close the Immunization Gap
Source: WHO

Addressing the Issue

I believe I was fortunate enough to spend two years of studying Medical Technology. Because I was exposed to public healthcare and sanitation, I learned about the different immunizations that we should have.

Before I took this program, I didn't had any idea that immunizations are essential. Yes I heard about Health Care centers in our place giving free vaccinations, and I remember that once in gradeschool I was forced to have vaccination. (Needles and vaccination was a scary idea to children.) Aside from those memories, I never had any proper knowledge about immunization until I decided to take a program in the medical field.

Universally Recommended Routine Immunizations from UNICEF
Source: UNICEF

Are You Aware?

I think the problem was there was not enough emphasis about immunization in my area. Most people would not be aware about something unless a serious campaign would take place. Awareness is the key.

March Book Reading List

March signifies two things in a student's life--graduation and summer vacation. That is mostly true to some students. Some universities in the Philippines however, have opted to change the school calendar from June to March to September to June. Regardless, the beginning of this month has been quite productive in my reading calendar.

March Book Reading List

March Reads

Here is a list of books I have read this March 2015:
  1. Miss Peregrine's Home of Peculiar Children
  2. The Selection
  3. The Hollow City
  4. The Elite
  5. The Lost Hero
  6. The The Son of Neptune
All of the books above belong to a series, in which case, I can make a lot of theories and wait for the next book to confirm my assumptions about the story. I just feel like book series gives each characters more time to develop their character hence, better twists and stories. In which case, I have to admit I like reading book series than one-shot books.

Book Review Sneaks

Miss Peregrine's Home of Peculiar Children and The Hollow City written by Ransom Riggs belong to the same series. Same goes with The Selection and The Elite both which are written by Kiera Cass. And then, we have the The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan.

Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series

I admire this book for incorporating old photographs to catch the reader's attention. Those which I have to say are really spooky if they are real. However, I find the first part boring to my preference.

The Selection series

The first book, The Selection was quite good to me. I like the story because I have this impish interest to goth stories. However, when I read The Elite, I was so disappointed. Bad transition in writing of the story, characters who continue to have disintegrating personalities and over-all a bad never-evolving story. I don't even see the goal of writing this anymore. I might make a separate review of this because I can't contain my feeling about this book right now.

The Heroes of Mount Olympus series

After reading the first two series above and then reading this one, I realized something. Rick Riordan was a really good writer. The story in the series never had a boring chapter. The storyline was well written that it got me good and I made me continue reading the rest of the books. I'm reading The Mark of Athena now and still enjoying.

I might make a separate review on each of those books. You may follow me on Twitter for regular updates.

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