Life can be tough. And when you are at your limit and you don't know what you do, sometimes, you just lose hope and give up.

Here are the things I tell myself to regain myself.
  1. You are gifted with skills and talents. When you try everything and yet you still failed on something, try doing other things. You are unique and gifted with many other skills and talents. Just continue finding out which of those is what you really want to do.

  2. Take the risk. You will never accomplish anything unless you try it. You will never know what will happen unless you do it. Sometimes, we are just too afraid to try something because of all the consequences it have. Nevertheless, a risk will be always worth a try.
  3. You are not alone. Most of the time, I watch movies when I feel disheartened and I'll always know, I'm not the only one alone in my quest.
Well, most of the time, I eat out all my miseries. But these words really helped me a lot.

How about you, what do you tell yourself when you are down?

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My Love From the Star is a hit South Korean drama which aired from December 2013 to February 2014. It stars Kim Soo-Hyun of The Moon Embracing the Sun and Gianna Jun of Il Mare and My Sassy Girl. Park Hae-Jin of East of Eden, Seo-Young, My Daughter and Yoo In-na of Queen In-Hyun's Man is also part of this television series.

My Love from the Star / My Love from Another Star / You Who Came from the Star
Have you ever felt in love and all you ever wanted to do was to impress the girl of your dream? That is what happened in the romance comedy movie A Case of You (2013).

A Case of You movie poster

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The Castle TV series has been around since 2009. The story of this mystery crime detective show follows the life of a famous mystery novel writer Richard Castle as he solves crime cases in New York along with his “partner”, the savvy and smart Detective Kate Beckett of the 12th precinct of the New York Police Department (NYPD).

5 Things We Like About Castle TV Series

If you have not watched this TV series yet, think again. Here are 5 things we love about it and the reason why you should watch Castle TV series.

  1. Out of the box theories

Or so, Richard Castle thinks. What is not to love with Castle’s interesting humor, and unusually strange theories? He is basically a genius fiction storyteller who can think on the spot. My brother watched this series with me halfway the current season and he pointed out that Castle is genius somewhere else. Now I believe him.

Kate Beckett - Castle TV Series